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What to use when AREDN just doesn't cut it

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What to use when AREDN just doesn't cut it

So my subject line isn't in any way intended to disparage AREDN since I think it is a great thing.   We are in the process of building out a mesh network on Vancouver Island using 5 ghz links.   The significant issue we have in this part of the world is that there are an awful lot of trees and I'm sure nature has decreed that none of them can ever be under 70' in height.  That means that not all locations can get a clear signal path, either to central, high elevation nodes or even to near neighbor locations.  Fortunately that still leaves places where a dish can see a sector antenna but how do we reach out from there.

I've been reading the posts about NPR - New Packet Radio which certainly seems like a very possible option but thought I would ask if anyone has used any other methods.   As part of the question though, what have your experiences been with NPR.  Are there other possibilities you would suggest.   I see a variety of SCADA related gear that might be relevant.   Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated.


Fun facts, I just ordered few

Fun facts, I just ordered few minutes ago 3NPR units for testing purpose exactly for the same purpose.

I have two 900Mhz UBNT rocket with yagi but we do not get better results than the 5.8Ghz PowerBeam units. So NPR is what we will test soon when nothing else pass. We also see it as a nice addition for SAr deploiement where AREDN may be harder to get working in a short delay.

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