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What services are you hosting?

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What services are you hosting?

I see some ip phones, mesh chat, web servers services mentioned on the forum but what else do people like to host or have seen others host?

I got some ideas but I'm a bit a way off to even post as I am still learning quite a bit. Sooooo what is out there for services on aredn?

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What services are you hosting?

Live Mesh map KG6WXC
Apache, MySQL, PHP server
Live ADS-B airplane mapper
RasPBXs and white pages
NTP servers
Live IP Cameras
BPQ Node
Dial-in and dial-out phone patch.

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In addition...

Tickets (incident resource management system)
Mattermost (team collaboration server)
TeamTalk (video teleconferencing)

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There's several different

There's several different types of services shown here:

FreePBX for VOIP
  • FreePBX for VOIP
  • Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Zabbix...) accessible from the mesh and internet.
    • We run a Dokuwiki instance with all needed informations, protocols and data that maybe needed even if internet goes down.
    • From Apache we have our own "mirror" for Raspbian and AREDN. This way no need to have internet access to update software.
    • We have our own mapping portal so offline maps are available from the mesh.
    • NTP server to ensure everyone gets the same date & time. Next step is to add GPS antenna in case internet goes down for a long time.
    • Zabbix is used to monitor each nodes and systems of the network and send alerts by email and through MooBix on Android for in mesh alerts.
    • APRx server for easy APRS aggregation. It also push data to internet when available.
    • VRS is collecting data from some ADS-B station on the network and display everything on a map. We look to eventually run our own MLAT server so we do not depend on ADSBx servers. We also keep 3months of data into a MySQL database (sometimes SAR operations are started days after the plane gone missing).
    • Tickets is under test. But we are not yet convinced by it.
  • Fusion repeaters are linked through IRLS on the network.

And next we plan to eventually add IP cameras.


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And the list goes on...

MatterMost (linked to another internet Mattermost via a bot)
MeshSite (just a website)
(an IRC network consisting of several linked servers, and also linked to the MESH Mattermost via bot)
VOIP phone @ 10*7*151*245 (give me a call!)

A GitLab server with:
AREDN Source Mirror
MeshMap Source Mirror

a pseudo-master DMR Server (in testing)

and probably more to come! The sky is the limit!


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