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What I did with my old HSMM Linksys node since I upgraded

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What I did with my old HSMM Linksys node since I upgraded

Now that I have Ubiquity nodes up and running, I took my old Linksys's out of service.  As they can't do channel -2.  Okay, what to do with the Linksys's?  Tried to convert one (a version 2 WRT54G)  to become OpenWRT, no go.  DDwrt?  no go.  Okay, back to Linksys firmware, still no go...   Probably a step I don't know about smiley  Looked, but didn't find anything.

Well, I ended up making it into a switch by disabling the wifi function, and disabled the WAN.  And set the LAN IP to with the DHCP disabled.  And to make the "internet" ethernet jack become an extra LAN jack, edited the file /etc/vlan with vi, using SmarTTY program.  changed the line

config switch eth0
    option vlan0    "1 2 3 4 5*"
    option vlan1    "0 5"

to become

config switch eth0
    option vlan0    "0 1 2 3 4 5*"

Then saved and exited, then went to
open http://localnode:8080/cgi-bin/setup in your web browser. Click save changes, even if you didn't change anything, and then click reboot.

And it worked.  smiley    (Yes, I'm still a rank novice here)  smiley

This router now just a switch still has a couple of web pages I created earlier.  That I can access via my home network (not the mesh) at  or   Yes, I know you can't access them  smiley  Just listed them as an example.

Personally, I took the few
Personally, I took the few Linksys routers I had and put the factory firmware back in them and used them as wireless access points. Not going to get N speeds out of them but they will be useful in a test environment for quite some time.

Just a note you need to
Just a note you need to upload the firmware from factory or DDWRT using a TFTP install method.  The AREDN GUI won't support flashing other firmware images. This is true for Ubiquiti and TPLink devices as well 

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