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What do you think about the PowerBeam ISO for sites with multiple radios?

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What do you think about the PowerBeam ISO for sites with multiple radios?
I've been noticing the ISO option on the new PowerBeams.  

Do you think this is a worthwhile option on sites with multiple nodes?  
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RF Isolation
Has anyone considered these for better isolation with co-located nodes?
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I have a pair of 5GHz PB-iso's very happily running at 144.44 Mbps using OEM firmware. This is a part 15 link running adjacent to a 2.4 GHz AREDN link so interference is not really an issue.  But I think the shielding you get is really good for the money compared with alternatives (RF Armor etc). I chose the ISO to reduce interference from part 15 users in the area.

One factoid: should you be trying to align this on a tower leg that is not vertical (and you are using the slip-on radome) be aware that the face of the radome  (the periphery of the dish) angles down about 5 degrees when the dish is pointed horizontal.  If you make the radome vertical, the dish is pointed up at the sky. This is sort of shown in the illustrations but not clear at all to my eye.  Aligning for maximum signal would be best but you can't always arrange that. Fortunatelly the pattern of these dishes is not all THAT sharp.

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That's very helpful.  Thanks!

Can you tell if the ISO is simply a Powerbeam with an added shield or is the dish different?

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UBNT PowerBeam M5-400 ISO Options
We have purchased a number of PowerBeam M5-400 units and wondering about upgrade to ISO or equiv.  Other than exchanging these units for the ISO version, does anyone have a good recommendation for which accessories are available?  I see the UBNT ISO-BEAM-16 shield is available as an option for the Nanobeam -- will this fit on a PowerBeam?  Other after-market suggestions?  We will also want the optional cover, which is available as an additional piece.

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