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Several of us south of the 60 in STV and QC are seeing this node.

WB9KMO-R-S  LQ 100%  NLQ 0%

Anyone have any information on the location and how it is setup?

- Jay  N1RWY

Rod's Rocket M2

Hi. This is a Rocket M2 and 120-degree sector pointed south from Culver and Hawes in Mesa AZ.
Parameters are...
SSID: AREDN, Channel: -2, Channel Width: 10 MHz, TX Power: 28 dBm, Distance: 10.56 miles
It may be able to see stations more than 10 miles away so I just increased the Distance to 22.37 miles.
Let me know if that improves anything. How far away are you?
Contact me directly at for more details.  Rod WB9KMO

Channel Width Parameter Change

Parameters were changed to improve throughput...
Channel is -2
Channel Width is 5 MHz
We observed significant improvement in LQ, NLQ and TxMbps.  - Rod WB9KMO

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