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Water Tower Installation

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Water Tower Installation

We have an opportunity to install our antennas on a water tower. We are considering using 4 120deg sector antennas at the 4 compass points. What would be your advice for this type of installation? Should we use 90deg sectors instead? Is there enough separation between the antennas to stay on the same channel?

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You absolutely want them on

You absolutely want them on different channels.
I think three 120degree sector deployments on 5Ghz is typical.

Yes, I agree with Darryl on

Yes, I agree with Darryl on the separate frequencies.  In our county, we have equipment on three water towers. 

  • 4 AM-5G20-90 sectors on a 10 mhz channel width using 4 different channels with a minimum of 1 other unused channel between them.  Something like 182 north, 180 east, 184 south and 178 west.
  • 3ghz backhauls to connect the sites.
  • 2ghz omni/rocket for operators that only have 2ghz equipment. 
  • POE+ switches powered by 12vdc.
  • UBNT Ethernet 24VDC converters for the radios. 
  • 1 or 2 PTZ POE+ cameras depending if we are on top or on the side of the water tower.
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Nice setup!

Orv W6BI

Thanks for the help. We were

Thanks for the help. We were thinking that the separation between the antennas with the water tank would be enough, but I guess it isn't... Are 4 90deg sectors preferable to 120deg?

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I'd go with 120° Sectors

I can't think of a compelling reason to use the 90° sector antennas.  They'd increase the price of this implementation by 33%,.. not to mention consume an additional port on your PoE switch.  The 90° sectors are 1 dB higher gain, but that's negligible and within their design error.  Perhaps you're thinking that it'll distribute the user-base across more nodes, but that's highly dependent on where those users are located.

I'd go with 3-120° sectors.

Andre, K6AH

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