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WAN routing for Hamnet and internet

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WAN routing for Hamnet and internet

do i have the right understanding that currently in version the check box “Allow others to use my WAN” propagate a default route in OLSR due with DHCP option 3 only the IP address from ISP next hop is learned?
For only bringing internet ( into the ARDEN Mesh this is sufficient.
In Germany there exists a dedicated IP network called Hamnet. It operates with the IP address range and
Connecting one router with access to Internet and Hamnet in front of the ARDEN WAN port could serve both networks to the ARDEN mesh. Both networks are accessible in AREDN by the default route to the one AREDN exit node towards NAT and then to WAN next hop.
But if there are two AREDN capable routers one who propagating internet and the other connected to Hamnet then it's for the OLSR not able to determine the right routing path for the smaller Hamnet routes.

To solve it i currently have two ideas to discuss:

  1. Brining a non AREDN router with OLSRd into the mesh that cares about the NAT and propagation of the Hamnet routes to the mesh nodes.
  2. I guess this is a feature request that the user can determine the networks that are used in the NAT role on the WAN port.

Other ideas are welcome

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