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VPN from computer to node

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VPN from computer to node

Hi, everyone,

This idea/question came to me while watching the video from RadioGeek entitled "Aredn VPN" I understand that we create tunnels from node to node. My question is, could I set up a client that's on a computer and use VPN software to access the tunnel? Or would the computer have to be plugged into an Internet-facing node at all times? In theory, if the tunnel software is just something like OpenVPN, you should be able to create a tunnel from a computer or other device to the node.

Something like this: Assuming the computers' name is W0PCD-Desktop running Windows 10 (or Ubuntu Linux), and the server is hosted at

On the server, set up a client W0PCD-Desktop with a password of mypassword and give it whatever network it gets assigned to. Enable and save changes.
On the computer, create a VPN connection, either using builtin VPN software or some type of VPN client software. Server name: password mypassword network whatever network it was assigned.

Would this work or am I just chasing windmills with my old friend Don Quixote?

Have a great day. :)

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The AREDN VPNs use more than

The AREDN VPNs use more than just openVPN. The way the mesh works, they also need to run the mesh routing protocol over it. AREDN is designed for different address space for endpoints as for mesh interconnection. It'd be dificult to get everything running right, and consistently on an average user-driven OS, it really needs to run on one designed for routing, such as OpenWRT, which is what AREDN is built on.

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