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VOIP issue

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VOIP issue
Any ideas about this problem would be appreciated:

I have a Linksys SPA942 connected to my mesh (and tunnels) via UBNT AR HP.

We set up a buddy with same phone via his Nano, aprox 2 miles away. Connection is 100%.

When we try to call each other, we get connected but neither can hear the other.

I have had my phone operational for some time here in Az, has been working well locally and via tunnel to Mich.

Any ideas?
Tx Ron K7OPA
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Any chance one or both of you
Any chance one or both of you have the "LAN mode" set to "NAT" in basic setup?    That might explain the symptoms.
Sounds like a networking problem. Google "SIP one way audio". 

P.S. If your using a Asterisk PBX server at both loactions I would use IAX and not SIP. 
Plug both phones into your
Plug both phones into your ARHP and see if they work.  Did you do a factory reset on the phone to get started?
VoIP phone audio issue

     Ron, you didn't indicate if the phones were connecting via direct IP or if they were registering to a central VoIP system (like Asterisk on FreePBX or similar).  In the everyday SIP VoIP world (non-mesh) if we encounter no audio it often means the UDP ports 10000 thru 20000 are not open.  Port 5060 is used for control and registration but audio is generally controlled by the 10000 to 20000 range.  If I were doing the testing I'd get both phones on a test bench LAN not related to mesh, have an Asterisk system both phones register to, then test for full functionality.  That way you can eliminate the phones as the issue.  Just a thought.  Good luck.

73, Bill, N4SV

VOIP issue
Ok can you tell us a little about the network? Like I have my Phone at my house. My phone connects to the PBX server at my house. My friend's has his phone at his house connected to my PBX server.. We need something.

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If possible; try dialing via

If possible; try dialing via direct IP address if possible; strictly as a test.  Everytime our local PBX seems to have an issue... I try the IP address dialing to see if it's the phone(s) or the PBX having the problem.

Do the phones allow IP address dialing ?

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assuming this is an asterisk
assuming this is an asterisk pbx (not sure, due to no response from Ron)...
A common issue with one-way audio is that the PBX doesn't have the 10.x.x.x network in it's list of "local networks" in SIP Settings.

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Bad Link Perhaps

I have contacted Ron via telephone over the mesh as well as email. In addition, I went into his node and looked at the link quality to his neighbor, with whom he is trying to speak.

At the time I looked, his link quality was 40 at best, sometimes dropping to single digits. At that point, I couldn't even get to the home page of his neighbor, let alone see a nodes list. So, IMHO, it seems like he is looking at a link problem overall. I emailed him with my findings and comments but haven't heard anything back on what I had to say.

In addition, I received an email from him to the effect that he is turning off hils tunnel(s) and will just do stand-alone meshing. So, I don't know where this is going to go from here.

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

73, Mark, N2MH


Yes, thanks to all for your
Yes, thanks to all for your comments and suggestions.  I played "MESH" with Ron and the group for the last three years as an AZ snowbird and brought in the first IP phones.  He is a quality person with visions of quality public service.  He will be back, I believe, after a bit of rest.  If you can imagine a 100 yard high hurdles race, as you stand before the start, you see the finish.  As you drop and set for the start, all you see are the hurdles. Ron is a close friend and I am sure he will continue his contributions.
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As mentioned I have shut off all tunnels for now.

I did manage to get a good link via VOIP with the other station, about 2 miles away.

I raised my node another 5 ft and am getting better NQ so I think that was the issue.

Lets consider this closed and thanks again for all the help'

73 Ron K7OPA

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