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VOIP - Cisco 7961 Phone / Asterisk

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VOIP - Cisco 7961 Phone / Asterisk

I see a lot of reference to VOIP and the Cisco 7940 model phones working on the Mesh.

I have a RPi programmed and setup on the Mesh, and I have a couple Cisco 7961 phones I would like to use for testing.

Has anyone tried or been successful using the 7961 model working on the mesh and have any information to assist ?

73 Loren, N4LDR

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I don't have that Cisco phone.  Grandstream and Asterisk PBX here.

Yes, it works

I have something like 15 or 20 Cisco 7940 phones. I got them really cheap, so that's what I went with. A fellow ham picked up a 7961 for his own use. After some research on it's config file... I was able to get the 7961 working just as flawlessly with my RasPBX server as the 7940s.

The one thing I had to do was manually edit a config file on the node that I connected the phone to. The phone sends out a request for DHCP option(s) 66 & 150, so I had to add these options to the DHCP config file. Once they were added & the node was rebooted, things went fairly easy. The firmware & configuration files were on my RasPBX server (tftpboot directory). Firmware & config files were downloaded by the phone without a problem. Nothing too difficult. Then again, I had practice with the 7940s.

If needed, I'll be happy to share the config files that I have.

Do any of these phones

Do any of these phones natively support IPv6 yet?


Thanks for the Reply

I was able to get the 7961 working.

I had about 2 weeks time invested into searching for firmware, config examples etc.

Once I had everything working I backed up all the files on Google Drive, and had all sorts of issues once the files were copied from Google Drive to the tftpboot folder on the Pi.

The files are really really really sensitive to file encoding and format.

Needless to say, I have done several phones since, and it's a cakewalk now with the 2-week learning curve LOL


My Apologies

My sincerest apologies... It was a Cisco 7971 that I programmed for a friend. I have a 7961 for myself to do & seem to be hitting a roadblock of my own.

Where are you stuck ?

Perform the factory defaults function:

- There are (2) reset functions

            1) Power up the phone and hold the “#” key until the “Line Buttons” sequence.

                        Reset #1 - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,*,# - The phone will reset & try Tftp Tranfser.  If the previous network settings are preventing updates, perform the Reset #2

                        Reset #2 - 3,4,9,1,6,7,2,8,5,0,*,# - Wait 60 seconds. DHCP will be enabled.

Check all of the Network settings for correct IP, DNS, DHCP Server, Domain Name,

Subnet, Tftp Server etc..  NOTE: if any of the address are wrong, DHCP server has to

be set of OFF.  Once the DHCP is OFF, you can edit the IP addresses.

To UNLOCK settings press “*,*,#”

Once everything is programmed, perform a soft reset by “#,#,*,#,#” and wait.

NOTE: Leave the home screen to enter the soft reset otherwise the phone will

be in dial mode.

Check the Status on the phone for error messages.  This gives some good clues as to what is failing.

Make sure you have the XMLDefault, dialplan.xml, and SEPmacaddress.cnf.xml files.

Hope that helps. 

I can share my config files if it will help you.  - Be careful of the text editor used to edit the files. Also google drive messes up my config files to where the phone can't open them.

"Upgrading"... Error... reboot

I started with a factory reset (#1) and currently, the phone loops from "Upgrading", then errors out & reboots. I haven't had the time to get back to it. Unfortunately my work schedules are keeping me busy & away from the hobbies.

The Cisco 7961 can really be

The Cisco 7961 can really be a PITA.

Check the Status on the phone.  Chances are it cannot find one of the files, or it cannot parse  your .xml.cnf file.

You might check to make sure the <load> filename is correct and matches the firmware on your TFTP server.  It will need to be edited in the Defaults File and the cnf file.

In my opinion, this model phone can be used, but I am not sure it worth all the time to get it functioning.  The 7940/7960 are almost too easy.

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I've got two Cisco 7941's that I'm struggling to make work.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could email me those config files.


Configuration Files
I have emailed you the XMLDefaults and SEP files I use.
The 7941/61 are a bit harder then the 7940's but not bad once you figure out the quirks.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Howdy, I would very much
Howdy, I would very much appreciate a copy of your config and sep files.  I am trying to program my Rasp Pi B with asterix for a 7941.
You can email the files to me at:
tnx Randy

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