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VLAN Settings in the UI

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VLAN Settings in the UI
A request to the development team:

My node is attached to a rather complex wired network infrastructure.  VLAN 1 (WAN) in particular is already used for a different purpose.  TO make WAN work, I log into the node and edit /etc/config/network, changing eth0.1 to a non-conflicting VLAN that corresponds to the WAN path.  This is all fine, except that the config file seems to get over-written periodically (as part of a firmware upgrade, perhaps).  This particular node is connected via tunnel to the rest of AREDN, so the over-writing of the file causes the WAN VLAN to reset to default (1) which causes loss of WAN which causes loss of tunnel which causes the node to be cut off from the network. 

I then have to go in and re-edit the file and reboot.

To remedy this, I request that the VLAN settings (WAN and DTD) be presented on the Setup screen and that these settings be preserved across firmware upgrades.

Many thanks and 73,

Bob, W6EI

Current setup: firmware version on a MikroTik RouterBOARD 912UAG-5HPnD
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