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Think I can get some help with setting up my ZYXEL GS1200-5 so I can start my tunnel usage im  in a hole here no hams around to RF into
any help  i can use not the best in networking an setting up a VLAN. Thanks for any help im using windows 7 on my lap top I have a LOCO M2 which is up to
date on builds. THANKS

GS105E VLAN & GL-AR150 Mesh Node

Has anyone managed to get the AR150 Mesh Node to work through a VLAN switch ??
I would like to replace my old Bullet Tunnel Node with the AR150.
The GS105E switch is configured exactly as required for Mesh operations.
Port 1 from the AR150 WAN port, and Port 5 to the Internet Modem/Router.
I can see the GS105E switch on the Modem/router side, but the AR150 is not making it through the switch. The Internet Modem does not see the AR150.
Yes we are all on the same sub-net.
I have connected the AR150 directly to the Modem/Router, bypassing the switch and yes it now connects to the Internet ok.
Has anyone experienced this same problem. Is there perhaps an issue with the AR150 vlan configuration ??

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Be sure to reference the port

Be sure to reference the port configuration details for devices here:   (scroll down a ways to the port configuraiton section)

For the AR150:

  • Port labeled "WAN": untagged = AREDN WAN
  • Port labeled "LAN": untagged = AREDN LAN, vlan 2 = DtDLink (device to device)

This is different than a 1 port device, vlan 1 is tagged and goes though an 802.1q switch to connect to home network.  This ar150 can be directly plugged in to a home network on the WAN port. It is not using vlan 1 and a switch is not necessary.  (Great for traveling.)    However, note the vlan 2 is functional and the LAN port can go to your switch for LAN and DTDLink to function as expected.



GS105E VLAN & GL-AR150 Mesh Node
Thanks Joe,
that sure does make it much easier for tunneling.

Gordon ZL2ARN

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