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Video thru multiple nodes

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Video thru multiple nodes
How many nodes should we expect to traverse and still get good video?
In some experiments we made a while back at 2.4 we could go thru 2 nodes but not 3.
I am not sure how good the link quality was in all cases.


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At least 6
I believe Joe AE6XE has been doing some successful video tests over 6 RF links totaling a 106 mile path and getting excellent throughput. He may have more information and advice to contribute. Also see the short presentation Camera Tips under the Main Menu --> Docs --> Presentations which has a lot of Joe's advice.
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Yep,  There won't be a limit

Yep,  There won't be a limit on the hops if each link is high quality and does not compete on the channel with other links.    It enables best throughput, particularly if there are more shorter hops vs less longer hops end-to-end.   Here's the 6 RF hop 100+ mile path and I can control the ipCam as if it was locally on my home network.   
Tracing route to ke6bxt-elsinore-cam.local.mesh []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    10 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  localnode.local.mesh []
  2     2 ms     1 ms     7 ms  AE6XE-Saddleback-RM3.local.mesh []
  3     2 ms     2 ms     2 ms  dtdlink.AE6XE-Saddleback-RM5.local.mesh []
  4    45 ms     4 ms     8 ms  W6LY-RM5-RDish-LagunaWoodsVillage--Saddleback.local.mesh []
  5     4 ms     4 ms     5 ms  dtdlink.W6LY-RM5-RDish-LagunaWoodsVillage--PleasantsPk.local.mesh []
  6    16 ms     6 ms    11 ms  KE6BXT-PleasantsPk-RM5-SW.local.mesh []
  7    19 ms    10 ms   117 ms  dtdlink.AE6XE-PleasantsPk-P2P-Yucaipa.local.mesh []
  8     8 ms    12 ms    12 ms  AI6BX-3-RM5-XW-SW.local.mesh []
  9     9 ms    42 ms    10 ms  dtdlink.AI6BX-3-NB-M5-P2P.local.mesh []
 10    11 ms    14 ms    14 ms  AI6BX-1-NB-M5-P2P.local.mesh []
 11    10 ms     9 ms    35 ms  dtdlink.AI6BX-1-RM5-XW-SD.local.mesh []
 12    44 ms    67 ms    17 ms  K6AH-Elsinore-P2P-Redlands.local.mesh []
 13    24 ms    37 ms    98 ms  KE6BXT-Elsinore-Cam.local.mesh []

Trace complete.
We will be stress testing this network over Field Day.  Good chance all of the groups below will be watching each other over video, sending emails, doing voice calls, etc. They're likely be 4+ HD video streams going all the time across the region:

SOARA in Mission Viejo, Orange County
IDEC RACES in Irvine, Orange County
W6TRW in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County
W6JPL in Pasadena, Los Angeles County
AI6BX in San Bernardino, SBD County

We might get some groups in Riverside County and connect up with the San Diego County groups too, work-in-process.


It is VERY dependent upon
It is VERY dependent upon your architecture and traffic flow.

if you follow the good design prinicipals and have built backbones with non interfering frequency choices it could be more nodes than your ever likely to use, on the other side of that if everything is on a single RF channel with small bandwidth and lots of contention you may not even get enough room for a single hop.

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