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Vermont tunnel request - looking for wider AREDN access

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Vermont tunnel request - looking for wider AREDN access
I'm located in south-central Vermont and would like to tunnel into the wider AREDN network. Preferably with a node closer to a supernode in the New York City region for geographic proximity and more efficient routing. 

I'm currently utilizing a MikroTik AC Lite hosting a few services such as direct IP VOIP, a PBX with a number soft and hard desk phones that I would like to integrate with MeshPhone, a local weather website and a OpenWebRX SDR receiver tuned to 80 meters. Due to my current network isolation I cannot access many of the knowledge base files and services of the larger AREDN network that are often discussed in the forums.

My Internet connectivity is fiber based symmetrical gigabit and I have full UPS and generator backup power.

Thank you,

Carmine K1VL

AREDN Node K1VL-Shrewsbury2-VT


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Hi Carmine,
Hi Carmine,
I sent you an email.

Bruce, N1JGB

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