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ver. 59-da089ac and iperfspeed

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ver. 59-da089ac and iperfspeed

When I use 59-da089ac firmware, I cannot load one of the required packaged for iperfspeed:

Attempted to install: uclibcxx_0.2.4-1_ar71xx.ipk

Resultant message:

Package Management

Unknown package 'uclibcxx'.
Collected errors:
 * pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: Packages for uclibcxx found, but 
incompatible with the architectures configured
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package uclibcxx.

Some sysinfo.json for my node:

model: "NanoBridge M5 ",
board_id: "0xe2b5",
firmware_mfg: "AREDN",
node: "AB4YY-NB5",
firmware_version: "59-da089ac"

Note that on this NanoBridge 5, iperspeed worked okay using firmware develop-176.

- Mike ab4yy

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Thanks Mike.  We'll
Thanks Mike.  We'll investigate...
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MIke,  we have signatures on
MIke,  we have signatures on the packages and when the nightly build over-writes the prior build, an older install will not be able to download the packages from the new nightly build -- fails a signature check.   

However, you could manually down load them to your laptop and then upload one-by-one.  Alternatively, upgrade the device to the latest image that matches the nightly build downloads.    We are considering to disable the package signatures for nightly builds, the chance of an incompatible package is very small. 

Would be interested in other's view on this:

A) force upgrading the devices' image to latest nightly build image to refresh and install add-on packages.
B) disable package signatures and any older nightly build image can still load the latest packages.

For a released image we want to lock it down so that everyone is assured they are loading the matching package that was built with the firmware in use.

Thanks Joe.  I was a bit

Thanks Joe.  I was a bit confused about where to get the updated packages but finally found them for the two affected files. (  Everything installed fine and iperfspeed now works as normal.

- Mike ab4yy

Same Issue with NanoBridge

I'm having the same problem while trying to install the three iperf requisite packages on my NanoBridge M5 which I recently upgraded to ​  I removed the three packages prior to upgrading the node FW and then tried installing them in order.  The "ar71xx" version of uclibcxx had worked on the previous node FW but now I receive a compatibility error. I do not see a "mips_24kc" version of uclibcxx listed at in the directory that Mike linked above.  My questions are:

  1. Do I need to use "mips_24kc" version of uclibcxx and iperf3 with the NanoBridge M5?
  2. Where can I download the uclibcxx file?  I see the iperf3 file in the link from Mike.
  3. Should I continue to use iperfspeed_0.3_all.ipk with this FW release?

Ben N4CV

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Ben,  start by loading this
Ben,  start by loading this version of iperf:

Then if it asks for dependencies, go from there.   it does install when a node has access to the internet, form the Admin UI page in

Not There Yet

Thanks Joe.  I was able to install the ​iperf3_3.5-1AREDN_mips_24kc.ipk package that you suggested.  My NanoBridge M5 is not internet connected, so I uploaded via the downloaded iperf3...ipk file.  I also succeeded with this on an AirRouter HP (which is internet connected) via the "download package" dropdown.  

I then try to install the ​iperfspeed_0.3_all.ipk package on both devices and receive the below error.  You can see that the iperf3 package succeeded.  Since iperfspeed is not in the "download package" list, I used the .ipk file on both devices.  I am using the ​iperfspeed_0.3_all.ipk  file from

Thanks for any guidance you can share.


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The iperfspeed .ipk install
The iperfspeed .ipk install from that link is too old and not compatible with   It would have been in the timeframe.  I'm trying to remember the exact issue, but there was some compile or other incompatibilities for iperfspeed package to work with Rather than trying to fix the issues on this older version of iperf, we elected to upgrade to a newer version, iperf3, and receive additional benefits, to solve the problem.  

Joe AE6XE 
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You should contact the
You should contact the developer of iperfspeed (Trevor).  He needs to change his package to have a dependency for iperf3 and republish.
71-d919acb - Node Description field not persistent over reboots?

I have a 2-GHz AirGrid and also a 5-GHz NanoBridge both running 71-d919acb.
I have not thoroughly tested this but it seems the Node Description data has gone blank several times while I was testing involving saving and rebooting.  It definitely happens but I'd have to do more tests to say exactly what conditions cause it.

The last time, both nodes were rebooted (after iperf install) and the 5-GHz one lost its data but the 2-GHz one kept it.
The 2-GHz one has a Description that is 60 characters long and the 5-GHz one is 63 characters long.  :)

73 - Mike ab4yy

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Persistent Node Description
IIRC the Node Description was made persistent over reboots in one of the later nightly builds.  You'll find if you install the release code you won't have that issue.
Orv W6BI
iperfspeed v0.4

Here is a new iperfspeed v0.4 that should work with iperf3 +

You will need to install this iperf3 package first:

Then install iperfspeed v0.4:


Note however iperf2 and iperf3 dont talk to each other, so you have to test against a node running the same version of iperf and iperfspeed.

I did not have 2 x nodes setup so I could not test this, hopefully it works.

Joe I did not see a iperf3 package for older firmware versions. If there is we could make it so that other firmware versions could install iperf3 and iperfspeed v0.4.

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"Joe I did not see a iperf3
"Joe I did not see a iperf3 package for older firmware versions. If there is we could make it so that other firmware versions could install iperf3 and iperfspeed v0.4."

Yes, let me check into compiling this package to make available for  The assumption is there is a compatible package that will compile with Openwrt Bearier Breaker 4+ year old release, without becoming an iperf3 developer :) .
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A compiled version
A compiled version of iperf3 package is found here:

Any volunteers to install and test to see if it works along with iperfspeed v0.4 on 

iperfspeed v0.4

I have two nodes DtD connectd.  I installed the iperf3_3.5-1AREDN_mips_24kc.ipk then iperfspeed_0.4_all.ipk.
The iperf testing seems to work but:

  • The Previous Results only shows up as "iperf Done./sec" (no values seen)
  • The versiuon at the bottom still displays "​Iperf Speed Test v0.3 Cop..." (maybe you forgot to update that?)

- Mike ab4yy


Thank you Trevor for the fast response and making a new package available! I was able to upload this to several nodes (NBM5, NSM2, RB-hAP) and test speeds between them over the air.  I had the same result that Mike mentioned above, but the core (speed testing) functionality was successful.  Here is a screenshot:

Try this:https://s3.amazonaws

Try this:


no change - still bad

I removed iperfspeed then installed v0.5 then rebooted.  I did this on 2 node devices.

When I run iperfspeed I see the same thing..."Iperf Speed Test v0.3 Copyright" and for Result: "iperf Done./sec".  It's like a new version did not get installed yet when I go to Remove Package I do see "iperfspeed 0.5".

- Mike ab4yy


Same here; removed 0.4 on several units, rebooted, and then installed 0.5.  Same behavior as before ("iperf Done./sec").

Ben N4CV

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It works on Mikrotik...
I just tested two Mikrotik hAP ac lite, both running and iperf3_3.5-1AREDN_mips_24kc + iperfspeed_0.5_all.ipk
It works perfectly when I connect them together with DtD. When running over a local tunnel it runs infinite and never stops.
(Server with SXT LTE Router and public IP, second on office network.)

Is iperfspeed able to use the tunnel?

73 Timm
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When it runs 'infinite', does
When it runs 'infinite', does this mean you see no activity and none of the buttons work to click on (in iperfspeed)?   Is there any activity or logging output?   Not aware of any reason why it wouldn't work.   iperf3 package does install the firewall rules to function across a tunnel.  A reboot has occurred since installing both these packages?

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Normal behaviour is: start

Normal behaviour is: start the measurement, it shows a message that measure is started, after some time you get a response and logging output.
In this case you get the message but nothing happens the next hour... No logging output, only the message it was started.

Starting iperf server
iperf server started
Starting iperf client

Then it stops...


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Iperfspeed 0.5 working well

I just added iperfspeed 0.5 to two  NSM2's and both seem to be working well.
The units are running


Image Attachments: 
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n  How does one install ipk
n  How does one install ipk files?
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There is a Package Management

There is a Package Management section on the Administration page, you've likely seen already.     The other option is to upload the package file to the node using "scp"  (typically into /tmp), then telnet/ssh to the node and from command line "opkg install <package .ipk file>".   Note, the command line bypasses package signatures if you are confident the packages are compatible.   From the AREDN UI, it enforces packages that come from the same build as the firmware installed.

iperf3 on 3.20.3 GL-AR150

Having difficulty finding the right combination of <package .ipk files> for this device.
I have installed "iperf3_3.7-1 AREDN_mips_24kc.ipk
So what are the remaining files I need for this version.??

Gordon ZL2ARN

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I started here:
I started here: I downloaded the 2 .ipk files to my computer. I uploaded the 2 .ipk files to my node. Voila! I hope this helps, Chuck
Thanks Chuck,
Thanks Chuck,
Confirmed and successful install into my GL-AR150  running
Just what we needed for admin of our Wellington Regional Mesh Network.
Working well on the 3 Nodes installed so far.
Thanks K7FPV for sharing a great App for the Mesh Network
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Hey all,
Hey all,
I've got a number of nodes that I'm working on.  I've updated to and I cannot get iperf to work.  I've tried the combination of packages provided in the documents, iperf3.5-1 and iperfspeed_0_5, as well as the newer version offered through the admin interface iperf5.7-1 with iperfspeed_0_5.  I don't know enough about how the arden packages are built or maintained to troubleshoot this further on my own.  Can someone who understands it better than I help me?  Also, I don't mean to speak down to anyone working on the project, but if possible it would be ideal to add the iperfspeed package to the admin package installer, and have it download the correct iperf3 package dependency, so that everyone has a better chance of this working out of the box in the future.

Thanks everyone!
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I just tried that again on
I just tried that again on two nodes to no avail. When i install thr iperf3_3.5-1 package, it says it completed but failed to restart all services so i should reboot the node. When i install iperfspeed_0_5, it reboots the node. Both packages show as installed and the port is forwarded and service is registered. Everyone appears to install properly, but when i go to iperf to run a test, i see the nodes, select the client and server, and click run test. Starting iperf server Iperf server started Starting iperf client .... Nothing more. I've let it sit for 10 minutes. It worked fine before i upgraded ti thr newest version. This is observed on a lhg-xl and a rocket m5. Happy to test whatever. I'll put iperf on my nsm5 now and see what happens.
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update with some interesting

update with some interesting testing.

It appears to be node specific.  I'm lucky to have many nodes sitting here right now so I tested this on 5 of them.  All with the:

Works is what you would expect.  does not work is what I described above.  server starts, client tries to start and then the process freezes.

Server -> Client

LHG -> LHG works
LHG -> Rocket M2 does not work
LHG -> AR150 does not work
LHG -> NSM5 does not work
LHG -> Rocket M5 does not work

Rocket M2 -> LHG does not work
Rocket M2 -> Rocket M2 works
Rocket M2 -> AR150 does not work
Rocket M2 -> NSM5 does not work
Rocket M2 -> Rocket M5 does not work

AR150 -> LHG works
AR150 -> Rocket M2 works
AR150 -> AR150 works
AR150 -> NSM5 works
AR150 -> Rocket M5 works

NSM5 -> LHG works
NSM5 -> Rocket M2 works
NSM5 -> AR150 works
NSM5 -> NSM5 works
NSM5 -> Rocket M5 works

Rocket M5 -> LHG does not work
Rocket M5 -> Rocket M2 does not work
Rocket M5 -> AR150 does not work
Rocket M5 -> NSM5 does not work
Rocket M5 -> Rocket M5 works

It looks like 2 out of the 5 work as the server, but the other three do not.  As if they cannot successfully get the client to start the process.  I have two more nodes here I could test, but they are duplicates (I have another Rocket M2 and another AR150).  If someone thinks different results might be shown, I can give it a try.  Someone please help me figure out what the next step is.   I could reflash a device, but I just did that yesterday with the Rocket M5 and the LHG and it didn't help.  Also, one of the ones that is working I did upgrade to iperf3.3.6 via the ui.  Didn't work, then I downgraded and now it is working.  Let me know what else I can test, other info is useful, or what else I can try.

Thanks all!!!

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Confirm that all the nodes,
Confirm that all the nodes, particularly the ones that aren't working as the iperf server, have been rebooted.   When installing the iperf package, while the firewall definition is added for iperf, it is not in effect yet.      The firewall needs to be restarted so the iperf server will be able to receive the incoming client connection.   

Note, iperfspeed is a 3rd party package.    The source code is here: 

To put this package into the  AREDN Administration UI would need someone to migrate the files to the openwrt package build framework.  This envolves writing a package Makefile and arranging all the files into the templated file structure.    See here:  

It's a good idea to do, there's just so many good ideas to do on the list.   Anyone that would like to contribute and take a shot at this, I'm happy to give some pointers.  

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Thanks Joe.  That did it.  I
Thanks Joe.  That did it.  I incorrectly thought that when it went unresponsive for a few minutes while installing the last package that it was rebooting but I guess not.  I don't know how it was possible in all of that testing (including moving them to a different room) I didn't try a test before uninstalling and reinstalling the packages, but nonetheless, thanks for the help.

I would be happy to take a stab at building the package.  I have some programming experience, but no packaging experience.  I'm not sure if there is a PM system on this forum, but my email is good on qrz.  Or, you might just put the pointers on a new thread somewhere so that it is available for all to see.
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KV3T,   take a look at the
KV3T,   take a look at the developer section of the README here: .   build the AREDN images,  inspect the ./openwrt/packages folder for many examples (created after doing the build).    We'd be adding an iperfspeed folder and copying in all the files to this openwrt package framework.     Ping me at callsign @ arrl dot net if stuck.


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