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Value of Remote Control via Mesh

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Value of Remote Control via Mesh
I just want to point out explicitly the value that remote control of radios via the mesh can have.

It is unlikely that locations like EOCs will have antennas and radios as powerful as local hams have at their home stations.
So if we can just use a PC at the EOC to remotely control a home station over the mesh (in the absence of the Internet), we can achieve
great communications capability from the EOC.  I have seen a demonstration of this, and it is just as if the home radio was in the EOC.
This is of course especially true for HF communications.  This strategy should be considered when planning an installation in an EOC.

Hello Bob, Nice thinking. I
Hello Bob, Nice thinking. I use software and use a uhf radio to control an FT-857 all band all mode remote. Plus its also a Echolink node. I can also use a software on my pc or dial in to control the remote base radio.


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