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Using Linux Machine

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Using Linux Machine
Please point me in the direction to be able to use raspbian to load the factory file to my new nanosation m5.

Thank you.
Installing Nanostation firmware from Rpi

Doug, you will need to follow the instructions here (link) to install AREDN firmware on a Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 from your Rpi. It seems to work best if you use a dumb Ethernet switch between your Rpi and the radio, which keeps the Rpi Ethernet link alive during node reboots. Be sure your Rpi has a tftp client available, and download the appropriate firmware image from the AREDN website to your Rpi. Start by giving your Rpi a static IP address as noted in the install steps. You then put the radio into TFTP mode as described in the instructions. Use the tftp client software on the Rpi to transfer the AREDN firmware to the node and follow the rest of the install steps.

Since you are in the Phoenix area, you might consider attending the Arizona Mesh Organization monthly mesh hands-on workshop courtesy of WB9KMO. The next workshop is this coming Saturday afternoon.

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