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Use of AMPRnet (44.0/9) IP addresses for AREDN Tunnel Endpoints?

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Use of AMPRnet (44.0/9) IP addresses for AREDN Tunnel Endpoints?

Being the old fart that I am, I remember setting up my dial-in Amateur Radio BBS with an 44.0/9 IP address (that being the range assigned to the USA), as it was Amateur Radio related, and I could apply for one.  Since we are yet again, coming back around where Internet-bound traffic could be coming from our Mesh networks, has there been any thought to using the ~8 million odd IP addresses available exclusively to us Amateur Radio Operators for defining services or tunnel endpoints related to our Mesh networks??

While AMPRnet was originally created for packet radio, its seems we should keep up with the times and try and make use of this IP address range, or it will be another case of "use it or loose it" like we are starting to see with some of our GHz radio allocations!

Some background info is here: 

-- John, KD7SEE
-- Parker, TX, USA

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  When Brain Kantar was alive

  When Brain Kantar was alive he would have some uncomfortable feeling about this. I do not know who is the new owner of the network.

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Amateur Radio Digital Communications

Amateur Radio Digital Communications ( is a private foundation that exists to support amateur radio and digital communication science and technology.
Their web site has a lot of infornmation about the prople involved and what they are doing.

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