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usb ethernet with pi zero in hap usb port

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usb ethernet with pi zero in hap usb port


I have a pi zero w with a board soldered to it that combines the usb power and data ports into a usb A coming out of the side.

I want to use it with my portable hap ac lite.

I have made it so if i plug it into my laptop it shows up as a usb network card.
if I turn on network sharing I can access the pi

is there a way to make it so it can do this with the hap as well?

since I have an m2 loco on port 5 of the hap I turned off the hap rf mesh and set the hotspot to 2.4 and the pi is connecting that way now.
seems kinda dumb to me to have the pi zero plugged into the hap but then using wifi to connect to it.

is there a way to make the usb network card pi thing work on the hap?


The Mikrotik hAP ac lite

The Mikrotik hAP ac lite running RouterOS seems to have been designed to use the USB port for plugging in a cellular modem as a backup network path.  The required dependencies are probably built into RouterOS for this feature.  However, the AREDN firmware does not have the dependencies required to do USB networking, but it does provide USB-A 5v power for charging external devices, etc.  The USB port is only rated at 1 amp maximum current output, which isn't ideal for powering a Raspberry Pi.

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