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Urgent Equipment Advice Sought

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Urgent Equipment Advice Sought

I have just been presented the opportunity to do a sales job on including an AREDN package on a 200 foot tower to be part of an emergency services dispatch center.  My difficulty is twofold:  VERY limited time and not a lot of personal knowledge/experience with AREDN.  I suspect the tower will be three-legged.  What I have in mind is three 120 degree 2.4 GHz Sector Antennas and 2 backbone antenna - one link of approximately 6 miles and the other as far as possible (to an intermediary site).

​In order to ballpark cost the proposal, I could use some expert advice on:
​- what units to use for the sector antennas
- what units to use for the backbone antennas
​- recommendations on an interconnect harness
​- thoughts on powering the package from the ground (hardened site, not earthquake prone) or  solar.

I will likely be making first contacts within a week.

Thanks in advance,


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Use 5Ghz Rockets with sectors
Use 5Ghz Rockets with sectors (each on different channels) for max bandwidth
You need a Netgear GS105E or GS108E to link them together at the base of the tower.
Consider one of the PowerBeam M5 (or Rocket M3+RocketDish) models for backbackbone
Armored CAT5 up the tower
Lightning arrestors at the base on all nodes

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