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Upgrading Ubiquiti Rocket M2 via administration page

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Upgrading Ubiquiti Rocket M2 via administration page

Hi there,

I have a Ubiquiti Rocket M2 that was flashed with the old Broadband Hamnet firmware (3.1.0) and we want to upgrade it to AREDN. The one issue I have is the reset button is pretty mangled from trying to use screwdrivers to push it. I had it in TFTP mode once, but couldn/t get it to work with Windows 10. So my question is can I use the Administration page from the localnode site to upgrade the firmware, or are they completely incompatible?

 A second question is do I use the sysupgrade firmware, or would I still have to use the factory one first?

I'll keep trying to get it to reset back into TFTP mode, but this might become my only option.

Thanks, and have a great evening :)

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Alternative Rest Proc
All newer PoE power bricks provided by Ubiquiti have a remote reset button.  Use it the same way you would the reset button on the device.

Andre, K6AH
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That did the trick. I
That did the trick. I upgraded the firmware and set the call sign and channel. Plus the timezone. When it rebooted, I have one green light on the end, one red light in the closest to the link light, the flashing link light, and the power light. And when I log in, it sees my other node, along with a remote node connected to it. Is the red light normal?

Thanks again, and have a great night. :)
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Yes - the red LED in the middle of the LED array indicates that this device is meshed to some other node.

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