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Upgrading to using "keep settings"

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Upgrading to using "keep settings"

If you are currently running or and plan to do an Over the Air (OTA) upgrade to "keep settings" when uploading, the process is as follows:

1) install the patch: "AREDN* OTA Fixup"  

2) Proceed to upload the sysupgrade firmware

If you skipped step 1 in this process, then an important capability in b04 will not be functional that addresses the 'deaf' node condition.   If you are unsure or did not do step 1, then do only ONE of the following options to ensure b04 is fully functional:

Option A) upload AREDN sysupgrade on top of itself with "keep settings" checked.    You have effectively completed step 1, just need to do step 2 to be fully functional.

Option B) "tftp" method to load the AREDN factory image and manually do 1st time setup.


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