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updated to 3.28 login password works but no sub menus work

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updated to 3.28 login password works but no sub menus work

OK, I had an urge, I had to up date the firm ware in my Ubiquiti Rocket M5 MX. Everything went well, got the new IP address and the NOName screen pops up and shows me I'm on ver. 3.28, GREAT!!!   Enter call sign and pws word reboot every thing is perfect. I boot back in using my ip address and it finds the primary screen and I think that was easy!!!!! I move to the WIFI sub-menu and the name and password screen pops up I enter the my information and, it gets rejected, I try again and get rejected again. I try the other sub-menus NO JOY on any sub-menu.   What next??   So I reboot the M5 and make sure everything connected correctly  (shouldn't matter I've all ready talked to the M5) try the entire process all over and the same results as above. NEXT STEP I reset the M5 and press the reset button and get back to the NOName screen and re-enter my CALL and an easy pws like ABC123, hit save, the M5 reboots  I follow the above steps and same thing, I can log in but no Sub-menus!!!!!

I'm think perhaps a BUG? 
Love to know what the group thinks please don't be shy....

Thanks Dennis (KE6SUT)


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up date the firm ware in my Ubiquiti Rocket M5 MX
Hi, Dennis:
'Use a Sysupgrade image to update a router that already runs AREDN.'
I assume you meant your Ubiquiti Rocket M5 XM.
I assume you meant to upgrade to version .
I assume you were supposed to update with firmware:
"Everything went well, got the new IP address and the NOName screen pops up"
A firmware upgrade should not have returned with a new IP address and Nodename.
Your Rocket should have returned with the same Nodename and same IP address.
So, there was something wrong at this point.
Perhaps you should give detail about what you did up to "Everything went well".
Please describe "Everything".
If your M5 returned from your firmware load with Nodename NOCALL, then perhaps you loaded a factory file instead?
aredn- ?
If you were prompted to change the Nodename and password, then it is likely that you loaded a factory.bin firmware.
"I move to the WIFI sub-menu"
I am not familiar with a 'WIFI sub-menu'.
Do you mean Setup: 'http://localnode.local.mesh/cgi-bin/setup' ?
"I boot back in using my ip address"
I do not understand 'boot back in' and the IP address should be assigned to your workstation via DHCP.
I do not understand 'sub-menu'.
Do you mean '/cgi-bin/status', 'cgi-bin/mesh', 'cgi-bin/setup' ?

73, Chuck

hey Chuck,
hey Chuck,
Thanks for the help - problem resolved with your info. But I do have another question...
I have the MIKROTic HAP AC LIT - skew # RB952ui -5ac2nD-us using Firmware 762-54589ff    ar71xx/mikrotik Mikrotik(rb-952 ui-5ac2nd)   
is this the latest down load or is there a more current ver. I checked the download page and under Mikrotik hardware and downloded what I though was correct but the HAP rejected it.

what are your thoughts?
73' Dennis
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I checked the download page

"I checked the download page" URL please?

Hi, Dennis:

I checked
Hovered my mouse over 'Software', clicked 'Download', entered 952,
clicked 'MikroTik RouterBOARD 952Ui-5ac2nD (hAP ac lite)',
(*)clicked 'Sysupgrade' for the latest 'Stable'.
Else, return to (*), click the drop-down box where is displayed,
select '20231018-d6f6c4b',
click 'Sysupgrade' for the latest Nightly Build.
Here is a definition for ya:
There is only one Nightly Build and that one is the latest. ;-)
Your '762-54589ff' predates Stable.
I recommend the latest stable, which as of this post is

73, Chuck


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