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Update to v3.16.1.1 broke my AirRouter

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Update to v3.16.1.1 broke my AirRouter

So, as the subject says. I have an AirRouter I use at home with the Wan port that gets me on the internet. My PC is connected to the AirRouter via Ethernet Cable. The AirRouter was running v3.16.1.0.

I logged into the AirRouter Admin, selected the correct firmware file (verified twice) then proceeded to do the update. I got the standard "DO NOT REMOVE POWER..." message and patiently waited for the update to finish. The screen refreshed to basically "can't connect'. No big deal. I did a ipconfig /release then an ipconfig /renew. Instead of getting a typical 10.x.x.x address for the PC, I got with a default gateway of So I tried to web to and it would not load. Pinging failed. It seems I'm stuck and can't get into the node now and I don't know what to try. At least I have another router I can use to get back on the internet through my ISP and off my hotspot that I'm using now to post this topic.

Also, I read the update notes a couple days ago but completely forgot to disable the tunnel. Would that have bricked the AirRouter?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really really hope I don't have to go the tFtp route. I hate tFtp, its a chore.

Bob, W7REJ

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Bob, Hold the hardware reset button for 15 sec after it has been powered on for a min. This should get it to first boot state if the firmware is booting linux. If you don't then get a 192.168.x.x address, then a tftp is next step. Limited RAM is the likely culprit. In the firmware upload button is grayed out until you turn off tunnels.
It worked
Thanks Joe. Doing the reset worked. So is going to be a problem doing the firmware update for the AirRouter (and AirRouter HP)? Any suggestions? Should I go back to restore AirOS then try to flash from the factory Has anyone else reported any issues like this?

Bob, W7REJ
Re: It worked
As soon as I hit the 'Save' button for this reply, I turned around and looked at hte screen and it shows Strange, anyway the AirROuter is now updated but it still leaves the question about my AirRouter HP. Thanks.

Bob, W7REJ
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Same Problem on a Bullet M2 -- here's what I did


Disclaimer:  I don't flash AREDN nodes very often so my memory of the setup procedure after the firmware installation and reboot may be bad, but it seems to me that it is different

Last week I purchased a new Rocket M2. 
1.  I opened AirOS and saw that it was firmware version XM.v.5.6.2 build number 27929
2. I ran the U-boot test and got a "BAD" "GOOD".  The u-boot version was June 10, 2015
3. I downgraded to AirOS v.5.5.11, re-ran the U-boot test and got a "GOOD" "GOOD"
4. I used the Air OS "Upload Firmware button to install the AREDN firmware AREDN-
5.  After the installation of the AREDN firmware, I went to localnode:8080.
6.  The page title was "NOCALL-108-102-213 mesh status"
up to this point, everything seemed to be OK and worked as I remembered it from the last time I flashed an AREDN node.
7.  Instead of getting a setup prompt, I saw the following message: "This page is available only when the router is acting as a mesh node" There were no buttons to click
8.  I checked my network settings, and the DHCP address of my computer was and the address of the router was
As I said, it has been awhile since I have flashed a node with AREDN firmware, but I was expecting to see a address
9. I thought that the firmware was not completely loaded, so I tried the "tftp" procedure.
After the restart, the ethernet port was not active; no link light, no power, nothing.  I tried to initiate the tftp procedure several more times with the same results.  I THOUGHT THAT I HAD BRICKED MY BRAND NEW ROCKET

Today,  I powered up the node. 
1. The ethernet port still would not respond but when I looked at the wi-fi networks, there was a new wi-fi network called "meshnode". 
2. I connected to that wi-fi network, saw that my DHCP address was and the router was 
3. I opened up my web browser and entered and the AREDN NOCALL-XXX-YYY-ZZZ screen came up with the button for "Setup". 
4. I clicked the button and went through the setup as usual, saved, rebooted, and now everything works OK, including the ethernet port.

To sum it up, after I installed the AREDN firmware and rebooted, I expected to get to the setup screen over the ethernet interface using a address.  Instead, I got to the setup screen over the wi-fi interface using a address and the ethernet port was not working.  After I completed the setup and rebooted, the ethernet port is working and I got a DHCP address in the range.
Is this a bug?  an undocumented feature? poor memory on my part? all of the above?

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Bob,  could you upload a
Bob,  could you upload a support dump from the device?   Process of elimination:

1) new hardware rev?
2) laptop didn't get current IP lease from mesh node (unplugged cat5 for ~15 sec and tried localnode:8080 again?)
3) "NOCALL-108-102-213 mesh status".  sure that wasn't the "node status" landing page?  Maybe your browser is caching an older link and taking you to an unexpected path?


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