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update of time sync via ntp

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update of time sync via ntp

How often does a AREDN-node sync the time with the ntp-server defined under setup?  It seems to me, that this is done by the node only once at startup. So if the ntp-server is not available at startup of the node, the time will not be synced any more later. Is that correct or do I have a wrong setup in my AREDN-Node?

In my case I have a Mikrotik hAP Router and a Pi configured as NTP-Server with GPS-mouse. The Pi is connected to the USB-Port of the Mikrotik for being supplied with current. This means, that the Pi is always starting up after the Mikrotik completely booted and the Mikrotik does never have a time sync with the NTP-Server of the Pi. Other nodes in the mesh get the time correctly synced with the NTP-Server of the Pi.

So is there any possibility to delay the time sync after booting up a AREDN-node?

Thanks for any helpful information.

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The not settings should

The not settings should regular poll the time servers, not just at startup.   I'm traveling this week, not able to confirm behavior until next week.


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   The problem with ntp

   The problem with ntp configuration is that  their is no standard time zone? Do we all use UTC or are local timezone, ie EST?

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UTC is the standard

Hi, Dan:

PST and PDST are aberrations of the standard.


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