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update on supporting 802.11AC hardware -- Mar 2021

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update on supporting 802.11AC hardware -- Mar 2021
Obtaining full support for 802.11AC hardware is possible in 2021.  The issue is that the firmware code to support 5 and 10 MHz channel widths is not available until Oct 2021 timeframe.   This code does exist in the upstream opensource community.  However,  the developers that created this code are licensing it out to cover their costs and lively hood.     Then, in Oct 2021, we have been told, this code will release to openwrt and become available for AREDN's use.   Until then, only 20MHz channel widths could be added to the AREDN firmware.  

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That good news! So will we
That good news! So will we see a nighty build to test the new drivers functionality on specific HW?  You must have a few different groups of HW in mind for testing.... Some of the devices that AREDN currently supports would be first to get the driver in a nightly build to experiment with? Do you for see being able to load AIRMAX HW or has "U" locked out open source FW? 
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RBSXTsqG-5acD, type INTL, plug US
I have a Mikrotik RBSXTsqG-5acD that I ordered by mistake some time ago.
I am willing and able to test AREDN firmware should it become available.

update on supporting 802.11AC hardware -- Mar 2021
This is good news that should allow newer equipment to be configured and used in AREDN.

With the newer equipment, it is important to note that some of the older equipment will no longer be supported after OpenWrt 19.07.  This includes all of the devices with limited memory (4MB flash and 32MB memory).  Most of these devices have had issues with some of the latest updates - it would be a good time for everyone to start planning for equipment refreshes. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the new devices be supported as it may help to build a more robust system.

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