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Update to Compatability List?

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Update to Compatability List?

Is there an update to the compatibility list?
I don't want to start a project with outdated equipment and need some flexibility on models and I do not want to take the risk a device marked "Researching" (Yellow) may turn ORANGE or RED.

That said:
The Rocket M series would provide us spares flexibility as one radio could be used as a spare for PtP, PtMP/Access Point.
But the supported XM based Rocket has not been manufactured since April 2015 (year and a half+).
All rockets are now WX and the M5 is the only sort-of ("Researching") supported one - when/is it considered supported?
Also, other iterations of the Rocket (M900, M2, M3) are available - any hope for those?

Is/when will PowerBeam be supported?

The NanoBridge is also no longer made.


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Not yet
In the nightly builds there is some support. Read this topic...last two posts:

I've got an M5 Powerbeam working nicely on a nightly build. 

Happy to help you if you get're only a couple of hours away from me.
Thanks, it is a bit confusing.

The Rocket M900, M2, M3 are still the older architecture and still made (my distributor clarified that).
Diving in a bit more, it sounds like the Rocket M5 with XW is fairly stable. Right?
Is the NanoBeam (XW) fairly stable? 

I may just take you up on your offer, but when the weather is a bit better.
"Also, other iterations of
"Also, other iterations of the Rocket (M900, M2, M3) are available - any hope for those?"

These have not been seen to be XW models and are still to my knowledge only produced in an XM version.
correct, my misunderstanding
Yes, you are correct, my misunderstanding. I talked to my distributor and he clarified that for me.
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Sorry but I can't speak for the nanobeam stability. Has anyone tested this on the dev branch software? Joe?
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Yes.  I've personally tested
Yes.  I've personally tested the NanoBeam M5-16 and NanoBeam M5-19 (both are XW devices)

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