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Any chance for support for Unifi AP-AC long range access?
I've found a deal, I think, 2 for $85.00
To date the Unifi line has

To date the Unifi line has not seen any attempt to migrate AREDN to it due to its difference in architecture. Current supported platform details are avalaible here:

The Unifi line is mostly meant for building networks on 'campus' (office buildings, schools, colleges, etc)  and hasn't received any attention yet for hardware.

The Unifi line has(or at least had) a couple of devices that could maybe have a fit but they were generally the same as devices that already existed in the AirMax M line) the UAC-AP-LR is not likely to be one of those devices however.

The UAC-AP-LR is indoor rated only. This clashes with the Emcom focus AREDN has been adopting. Note: AREDN did adopt the AirRouter which is indoor only but see the remaining points below as arguments for how it could still fit in to the network existed.

Features no ability to add external antenna. This means it can't be kept indoors and routed outdoors to be used (which in and of itself has issues with Coax Loss.)

Antenna pattern is designed to be roof mounted pointed downward (toward ground) with an omni-directional pattern.. This significantly limits its usefulness for field deployments.

To my knowledge the UAC-AP-LR has no compelling additional feature that gives it an advantage to networks. Compare this to the AirRouter which has an onboard switch unit to make up for the fact that it was not outdoor rated.

While these are likely great devices for office building access points, and could probably make a great AP to be paird with a mesh node, they would not be likely to make great nodes themselves based on their specifications.

NOTE: The above contains personal opinions and does not necessarily reflect a policy adopted by the AREDN team.

Thanks for the input on Unifi
If my offer goes through, then I will use them in my house.
I have multiple AP's with different SSID's but same PW's, some are N AP's and some are AC and some are AC Extenders.
I think the Unifi will help me migrate away from my current setup at home, even though it works great
for me, but my wife just can't understand enough to switch AP's.
de kb5nft
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You can load dd-wrt and open-wrt on a UNIFI. just use is as a indoor access point for your mesh if you like.. If you are feeling froggy AREDN is bassed on open-wrt you can make it work ;)


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UNIFI Controller

if you want to run them as normal UNIFI APs you are going to need a controller... I highly recommend a thinclient computer because you can use it as a UNIFI controller and a Allstar/Echolink node for your house. A thinclient is about $25 or so on ebay for the one you need.

If you want to go this route let me know and i will walk you through the items you need to get it online!

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