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Unattended operation

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Unattended operation

Anyone in the UK got nodes running 24x7 unattended?

My QTH is just within 50km of a location where we cant do 2.4ghz or 5ghz unattended operation so all experimentation is only online temporarily


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We have seen many UK nodes
We have seen many UK nodes online 24x7 historically.     Is there no provision in the UK regulations for unattended operation, e.g. repeater sites, mesh nodes, and more?
There is provision for it but
There is provision for it but it has traditionally needed a NOV or in the case of a repeater, a callsign issuing. There are also 2 locations in the U.K. where unattended operation of several bands is prohibited within 50km due to them being government listening stations (gchq/nsa) which I am unfortunately 40km from one.
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Please correct me if I'm
Please correct me if I'm wrong I'm very new to this, but if you run one of the public channels, they can't do didly squat about that, and you don't need an NOV to run unattended, Joe Public does it all the time. You might get channel contention but use of directional antennas could alleviate this. 
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I often use public channels.

Output seems to drop off above channel 177.
I set BW to 20 MHz, do a WiFi Scan at each end of the link.
Then choose a quiet channel in common.

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Hi This is an old topic which I have just found. I am in he process of trying to get a NOV for my 24/7 node on 5.8ghz. Lets see what happens. In reply to G1AW, we can not use public channels if we are running higher power and higer spec antennas as that is against the ISM Ofcom regulations
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Well after 2 applications, I now have a NOV on 5675mhz 10mhz bandwidth running 30dbm eirp . OFCOM would not allocated on 5825mhz. The 5675mhz falls within their license free allocation running a max of 1w eirp.

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