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Un-Installing Tunnel Server/Client Firmware

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Un-Installing Tunnel Server/Client Firmware

What is the procedure to uninstall tunnel server/client functions from an AREDN node?

Related question:  Is it possible to operate multiple tunnel servers (hosted on different dtd nodes) using the same port forwarding pinhole (5525)?


Bill Curtice  WA8APB

You can simply disable the

You can simply disable the tunnels serves/clients, this won’t remove the program from the backend but it will disable them.

If you want to completely remove them you can re-flash the node with the same version of the software which will leave you with a working node but without the tunnels.

it is not possible to use tunnel servers on multiple nodes using the same port forward, you can however have multiple nodes at the same site connecting as tunnel clients.


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removal of Tunnel Module

You can also try removing the VTUN module under the Setup=>Administration=>Package Management=>Remove Package section:
 select Package vtun 3.0.3-2 (or whatever version vtun is listed)

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that does not remove

that does not remove everything.  the best way is to hold the reset for 15 secs (after the node if fully booted).   This will take you to the pre-config (firstboot) state.  (or, you can re-load the firmware as Conrad mentioned).  Both will have the same effect.

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