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Ubiquity Rockets

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Ubiquity Rockets
I have 2 Rocket M5s and a Rocket M2. For some reason they occasionally "forget" their settings or firmware and become unusable, requiring me to re-flash the AREDN firmware. 
  • One M5 (XW) is on a remote site and I can't keep making half day trips to fix it. The one on-site is currently borked again. I can remotely access a Linux SBC on-site, so maybe there's a chance to fix it that way.
  • The other M5 and M2 are now on my workbench.
    • The M5 (XM) is flashed again with current AREDN firmware and seems good to go, for now. I'm reluctant to deploy it if it is going to forget again.
    • The M2 started taking AREDN firmware but now seems stuck. The LEDs fit the AREDN pattern (Pwr, Network, #4), but I can't connect to it in any way over network. No DHCP, not at IP nor Network scanner doesn't find it on the 192.168.1.x subnet. Can get into TFTP flash mode (alternating LEDs), but I can't put firmware at the address.
  • any ideas on why they are "going bad" on me?
  • how can I get the M2 working again?
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Devices resetting
There are a couple of possibilities -
  1. Depending on their age, it's possible that the flash memory in those devices is wearing out (it happens).  
  2.  In the Ubiquiti products there's a remote reset circuit that functions by shorting certain wires or pairs.  If moisture gets into the Ethernet cable, it mimics a remote reset (ask me how I know...).    Depending on how it shorts, it will at a minimum reset the AREDN software config back to "just loaded" state.
If you confirm 2. isn't happening, then it's probably 1. and you're going to have to replace the devices.   On the bright side, you can replace the Rocket m5s with the way-better Rocket 5 ac lites.  :-)

Hope this helps.

Orv W6BI
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I concur with Orv as I have
I concur with Orv as I have had the same issue with Ubiquiti in general. I would also suggest that a drip loop be part of all outdoor installs as well.

Another problem with the Ubiquity is the RJ-45 framework is a bit flaky and can pull out and bend very easily if pulled on or stressed and render the Ethernet cable useless. I place a cable tie to the Ethernet cable inside the unit as a stress relief.    

Denis KD1HA  
Thanks for the input. I'm
Thanks for the input. I'm going to go with door #1! They were bought used in a lot. I've replaced the cable and swapped out units. Time for new hardware.
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Don't forget to check for
Don't forget to check for issue #2, or you may see the same problem with new units as well...

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