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Ubiquity Rocket M5 firmware flash TFTP:2 Firmware check fail

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Ubiquity Rocket M5 firmware flash TFTP:2 Firmware check fail

Windows TFTP timeout
TFTP2 timeout
PumpKIN TFTP2: Firmware check failed

These results were obtained when atempting to load
AirOS 6.3.6 for XW and XM
AREDN for XW and XM
AREDN aredn- (AND XW variant)
AREDN nightly aredn-2468-933e411-ath79-generic-ubnt_rocket-m-xw-squashfs-factory
AREDN aredn-


log into AirOS and factory reset
log into AirOS interface and downgrade to AirOS 5.6.15 signed
Unplug Rocket M5
Press and hold Reset button
Plug in Rocket M5
Wait for pair of light wigwag TFTP mode lights
KEEP HOLDING RESET BUTTON, dont know if you need to do this but i forgot to let go
use PumpKin to put aredn-
Once you get the sucessfully released message in PumpKIN log i released reset and let it go

I left it powered up for a bit and now the MESHNODE5G AP shows up when i scan

FOR THE NEXT GUY: try releasing reset before sending firmware put and see if it works
                      try loading a never version of AREDN than and see if it works

TLDR: to fix Firmware check failed downgrade AirOS to 5.6.15 Signed THROUGH WEB INTERFACE, then flash AREDN through TFTP, loaded OK

I have not yet gone further because i wanted to document my hours of digging for the next guy

Ubiquity Rocket M5 firmware flash TFTP:2 Firmware check fail

I acquired a Rocket M5 that had not yet been flashed to AREDN, and spent a few days working with the product in it's default Ubiquiti mode.  Upgraded the firmware to 6.3.11, then decided to move forward with AREDN.  I had failure trying the TFTP method, and the SCP method also failed to install the file after copying it into the system.  Following the recipe given here by KJ7RBS, I was able to downgrade Ubiquiti firmware and upload aredn- using TFTP as described.  After the AREDN install, the LEDs would flash and it took a few minutes for it to respond.  Be patient.  I did not need to hold the reset button through the entire process.  Once the LED's went into their wigwag mode, and the device responded to ping on I could upload code as described.

The documentation pages reference XC and WA releases of the Rocket M5, which I learned are newer than the XW hardware versions.  
An extra doc page or footnote for these older hardware releases would be great and I'd help write/proofread it if you want.

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