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Ubiquity Lite beam M5 no nodes in scan

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Ubiquity Lite beam M5 no nodes in scan
I have a Ubiquiti Litebeam M5 when unboxed saw hundreds of nodes.
I flashed it and put it up on a 30 foot tower. Now i see nothing in a scan.

How may i fix this.
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Flashing Ubiquiti Litebeam
Your post leaves a lot of questions.  It is not likely at all that you saw hundreds of nodes.  It takes another AREDN node to see others.  It would seem that either you did not correctly flash the Litebeam.  Did you verify it took the flashing and have you set it up correctly, Channel and bandwidth.  Both must match surrounding nodes to operate correctly.  All of this must be verified and then we have something to work with.  Good luck.  Yes it's all a bit of a mystery especially the first time you set up an AREDN Node and the learning process never stops.  Give us some more info.
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Hundreds of nodes..
I assume you're talking about a WiFi scan.  The AREDN wifi scan will only see stations using the same bandwidth configuration as the AREDN nodes (20 MHz, e.g)   Many of the newer commercial wireless devices run 802.11ac, which can also do 40 and 80 MHz bandwidths.  The WiFI scan function will never see them.

Orv W6BI
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Ubiquity Lite beam M5 no nodes in scan
Out of the box WiFi scan (un-flashed) showed hundreds of (non-AREDN) nodes on 5Ghz. After flashing with the appropriate image and a successful load acknowledgment and setting the appropriate channel and bandwidth for my area, based on info from local hams, it will not see anything. I am a hands on newbie to ARDEN but not to MESH and networking. 
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Bandwidth must match
The Wi-Fi scan will only show neighbors of matching bandwidth.  Your local area MESH may be using 10MHz? Hence it will only show MESH and non-mesh inits matching the bandwidth settings.  I'm not aware of any standard Wi-Fi units runnning 10Mhz or 5Mhz, however if you set your unit to 20Mhz, it will show any matching MESH and non-mesh sources running that bandwidth.

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