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Ubiquiti XM vs XW difference?

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Ubiquiti XM vs XW difference?
On the SW compatibility page there are Ubiquiti XM and XW models listed. My guess is that the XW models are more recent and have more memory etc. How can I tell the difference when shopping on Amazon, EBay, etc, since Ubiquiti doesn't seem to use this nomenclature?

For example, Amazon:

That model is linked to from the "XW" call in the compatibility list. It seems to have 64MB memory and a Atheros 24KC CPU. Are those the specs that make it "XW"?

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In really short answer, the
In really short answer, the XW are newer.  On a stock UBNT radio, their web interface will tell you which it is.  I can't give you the specifics.
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At least for Ubiquiti Nanostations, the old XM models have 32 MB of RAM, while the newer XW models have 64 Mbit.   The 32 MB limitation puts the XM models (and any other hardware with only 32 MB of RAM) on the AREDN "not recommended for new deployments"  hit list.

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