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Ubiquiti SolarPoint

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Ubiquiti SolarPoint
Not sure if there has been a discussion here about this new product(Beta store only as of this time). This should work great for temporary installs or those installed in places with no power available.

SunMAX SolarPoint is a remote managed MPPT 24V 7A charge controller with a built-in 4 port 24V PoE 10/100Mbps switch and one DC output delivering up to 40W. It comes with a built-in weather prediction service, which together with built-in AI algorithms will provide you with critical info about your solar site's existing and future performance.

PV Panel Input 10-60V
4-port 24V PoE output 10/100 switch
24V DC-Out Terminal
Max output power: 40W
External 24V Battery Charging: up to 7Amps (supports SLA, AGL, AGM)
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Is any more information available?

Thank you KX5DX for sharing this here.

The SolarPoint  sounds like a device which might be useful in a couple of applications in addition to the remote solar sourced power it is designed for..

Do you know what it's price range will be or if it is possible for someone who does not have a Ubiquiti Commercial Account to purchase one or when it might go into production?

TIA, Cheers  & 73, ...dan wl7coo


It is still a Beta product,

It is still a Beta product, and it is also sold out on the Early Access store at this time. The current price is $179.00

Indoor version
$199 Now
Looks like this is finally out.  I just saw a product demo with the release version this morning.  Each network port has its own power control which you can plan hours of operation and when power gets low which ports to turn off and what has priority.  My only complaint I see so far is for the price I can get a nice 40amp MPPT charger where this one can only do 7amp max.  
I do however like that you can choose priority ports for when power gets low and it is all in one unit.  

Thats correct. Im a fan of
Thats correct. Im a fan of Victron Energy and love their integration via Bluetooth. The same thing with this product, you are mainly paying for the network management, specially the integration with UNMS. I only wish the ports were gigabit instead of 100Mb.
With 7 amps, two 12V 75AH AGM's would be a good match behind 200W of panel. I like that the MC4(H4) connectors are built in. Battery temp and wi-fi mgmt are nice touches as well. The 17W of PoE is a little low for 4 ports, but they give you 24W on the DC port to do the same thing. Would also want to see what VLAN capabilities the switch has. That might limit the number of back to back nodes without getting creative (or just shutting off DHCP). Let us know when you buy one! :) Ian
New video just came out.
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Anyone ever use one? I'm wondering if it supports VLAN options for DtD devices? I have a location that has not power and looking to have 3 Ubiquiti devices feeding of this. 
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No power and 3 [AREDN] devices
"not power and looking to have 3 Ubiquiti devices" Hi, Bill: Since you did mention DtD, but not LAN, you could add a Ubiquiti N-SW. 73, Chuck
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Looks like the N-SW is not
Looks like the N-SW is not manageable. To get multiple DtD to talk from a switch don't I need a switch that supports VLANS? DtD is VLAN 2.

Thank you

Bill NG1P
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multiple DtD to talk from a switch
Hi, Bill:

AREDN devices can DtD link with a simple switch.

73, Chuck

Cool ... but ...
I can see the attraction for an all in one device like this, especially for a fixed outdoor installation.  However, when I read the specs the charge controller will not support Lithium Ion batteries.  For that reason alone I'd leave this alone. 

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Thank you all for your
Thank you all for your thoughts. Not having support of Lithium batteries is a concern. 

Thanks again Bill NG1P

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