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Ubiquiti rocket M5 - waterproof, how critical is the protective shroud?

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Ubiquiti rocket M5 - waterproof, how critical is the protective shroud?
Hi guys

I have a ubiquiti rocket m5 connected to a AM-5G19 sector antenna. The "protective shroud" is missing on this antenna. Would you consider that as critical for using the antenna outside, or would you say that the rocket itself is waterproof? (according to ubiquiti support, the shrouds are not available as spare parts).

Tnx 73s
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Use connector tape/putty

It's fine without, but without you will want to use Coax-Seal, or similar, to ensure water doesn't penetrate at the antenna connectors.

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Re: how critical is the protective shroud

It's clear to me just by looking at the RM5 that the shroud is required to protect the device from moisture, water, snow, etc. The openings (LAN port, reset switch) are facing down, so that helps, but wind-driven rain could easily get into the case if it is not covered. If you can't procure a replacement cover, then you might try wrapping it with 2"-wide Scotch 130C splicing tape.  It's not cheap, but it's great at sealing out moisture and won't stick to the case. 

73, Rob

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I purchased a port cover from

I purchased a port cover from this eBay seller (wirelessdeals). I think they 3D print them but it fit perfectly on my NanoStation M5! I see they have Rocket as well. Hopefully it works for you.

Denis KD1HA

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Rocket port cover from eBay
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Thanks Randy that's the
Thanks Randy that's the seller!
Not all Ubiquiti sector antennas have shrouds

The shroud for the 19 dBi sector antenna as well as their other "full size" sector antennas only covers down to around halfway between the LED lights and hte top of the Rocket M5.  The sliding door over the LAN connector is fully exposed to the elements.  See the photos in the link below:

Also keep in mind that the smaller 17 dBi sector antenna, which I have and use two of, has no protective shroud as the antenna is considerably narrower than the body of the Rocket M5:

So I think it's safe to assume that the Rocket is designed to be fully exposed to the elements.  The RP-SMA connectors have gaskets around them to seal them.  



Oh...okay...that's true,
Oh...okay...that's true, looking at the AM-5G16-120 / AM-5G17-90 manual, there's no shroud. So ubiquiti really expects the rockets to be waterproof.

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Rocket Covers
We have designed 3D printed Rocket covers that are oversized to accommodate the RockShield for an upcoming project.  Our weather concerns here in Tennessee are protection from Hail and Ice.  
That's interesting, would you
That's interesting, would you mind to show us a picture of such a cover?

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