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Ubiquiti Rocket M5 Titanium w/ GPS

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Ubiquiti Rocket M5 Titanium w/ GPS

I recently replaced the Rocket M2 in my mobile rover (truck) with an M5 Titanium as we are converting our network to 5 GHz. This node has the availability for GPS and has an external GPS antenna which I stuck on the roof of the truck. I access the node with an Apple iPad. (works quite well!)

My question is this, will the AREDN software utilize this feature in it's firmware and use that information to update my lat/lon location of my mobile unit? Will the firmware be able to access the GPS information for anything? I know Ubiquiti makes a standard M5 that also has GPS.

Had to check... Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Some history around the UBNT GPS

UBNT added the GPS as a timing source for synchronizing the transmit/receive of multiple radios on the same tower.  This allowed multiple Rockets --- with sector antennas or dishes --- on the same channel transmitting without desensing the receivers of the other radios... because they were also transmitting at the same time.  The AirFiber, a high-end line of UBNT products, utilize GPS receivers for this same purpose.

We have been asked to make use of the GPS receiver in this radio several times.  Because it's only one radio model out of 80+ we support, it has never been a high enough priority to investigate further.  We will discuss it as a team, but I suspect we'll arrive at the same conclusion this time around.

Andre, K6AH

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Thank you!
I figured as much, but had to ask. Thank you!
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I just set up my first Rocket
I just set up my first Rocket 5 Ti and I'm sure I'll be setting up more in the future. I don't care at all about the GPS being used for node location, but I'd very much like to be able to use it for timing, as Ubiquiti intended. Can this be more easily added? It may be a relatively simple matter of making the appropriate packages available in the AREDN package list with the configurations set correctly for the supported devices.

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