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Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 Install Problems

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Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 Install Problems

Hello OM,
After many hours of searching this forum, reading the latest install instructions, Googling, searching & reading Ubiquiti's forums, I ready to pull out what hair I have left.
This is what I have done and where I am stuck:
1. Windows 7 machine with TFTP enabled as per instructions 
2. Using a dumb network switch in between my laptop and LAN port of POE
3. Plug in radio on the "Main" port and I using Command Prompt window, I can ping to
4. I can use a browser (Chrome) and connect to then login to airOS and edit whatever parameters I wish
5. Unplug the network cable from the radio Main port
6. Holding the reset button down, plug the network cable back while waiting for the radio to have alternating LED flashes (about 20 seconds) to indicate radio is now in TFTP mode

7. Can't ping to the radio "Destination host unreachable"
8. Tried a "Hail Mary" with  tftp -i put aredn- and says "Timeout occurred. Connect request failed."

9. Unplug the network cable from radio & computer for 30 seconds then plug back in
10.  I can now ping htp:// and via a browser login to airOS, the factory image. NOT AREDN software.

What am I doing wrong?



Detailed Tftp command recheck needed

Hi Mike,

Assuming you are using a static address on the PC with the correct subnet, and have disconnected your wireless adapter.

I wrote up a detailed flashing protocol as a comment here in this forum:

Double check everything in the tftp command. Did you miss the -xw after the nano-m in the file name (assuming you are using an xw device)? It looks like you might have done that.

You must  type the full path to the folder containing the firmware like this (example using your desktop folder):
C:\Users\YourUserName>tftp -i put C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop\aredn-

You should get that file transferred message listing size and time.
Don't forget to reset PC back to DHCP after the flash succeeds.

Hope this helps. Keep trying


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7. Can't ping to the radio "Destination host unreachable"

Maybe, when your PC is connected to the Nanostation running AirOS,
the Nanostation is a DHCP server and your PC is a DHCP client.
When the Nanostation is in 'TFTP' mode, it is neither a server nor a client.
It has a static IP address (
What is the IP address of your computer at the start of (7.)?
It needs to be 192.168.1.[2-19,21-254]
Hope this helps, Chuck

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