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Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5

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Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5

Hi folks
I got one of this Nanostation Loco M5 XW for free, I know it's not one of the best devices one can have but it should be OK for me for doing field tests etc. - so I've downloaded and tfpt the Loco XW firmware, the device starts but I don't get any LAN connection.

Searching the forum I found this forum post from 2018:

which seem to explain the same problem. I however cannot believe that this issue has not been solved within one of the many firmware versions since that days...

My device has a test date of March 2018 - can anyone advice what to do to make this running?

Thanks a lot 73s

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old post
That post is 5 years old - the AREDN software has been through many iterations since then, and I'm sure that issue has been resolved.
This is the firmware for that device.  Is it what you're trying to load?

Orv W6BI
Hi Orv
Hi Orv
I've tried to load the current release and the lastet nightly - no success, no LAN.

Finally last night I found a post explaining I have to load the firmware dedicated to the ubiquiti rocket.....and guess what - that worked!  
So the answer is - no, the issue has never been resolved. And thus, no further firmware update possible on this device I guess.

Within only two month this is the second problem I run into using ubiquiti hardware. I think I better keep my hands off them for a while...

Thanks 73s


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