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Ubiquiti NanoStation AC Loco

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Ubiquiti NanoStation AC Loco
Howdy, everyone!
     I am new here to the AREDN mesh group and apparently seem to be the only ham in Northeast Louisiana that looks to be interested (per forum and map). Anyway, I recently acquired a handful of Unifi NanoStation AC Loco devices. Taking a look at the firmware and whatnot they appear to not be XM or XW but rather WA. Has anyone played with these before or are they simply of no use to AREDN? Figured I would ask because 'free' is always better than forking over $$$ especially right now.

Thanks and 73!

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The Nanostation Loco M2 is

The Nanostation Loco M2 is supported, but, not the Nanostation Loco AC.
Once the new "AC" drivers are supported in Openwrt, and we add support for them, we will add some AC devices to the support list.
(if all goes well, hopefully later this year)

Nanobeam AC GEN2

Hello everyone,
Do you think the NanoBeam AC Gen2 will be supported? I was given 6 of these for are AREDN MESH network.

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Do you think the NanoBeam AC Gen2 will be supported? Not until "the new "AC" drivers are supported in Openwrt," Hi, John: Sorry. Choose devices from I hope this helps, Chuck
Nanobeam AC GEN2
I know there are others but like i said i was given 6 of them. So I guess I will wait.
I found this on openwrt,
Not sure but it looks like it is supported.
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While this device is
While this device is currently unsupported by AREDN, you could always use it as an access point to go with another AREDN node to provide wifi access to the mesh at your location. Of course, encryption would be recommended for that...
A Barren Wasteland
Unfortunately there are absolutely no AREDN nodes relatively close to me. Taking a look at the map shows there are none in this state period. Once I have gear that will work I plan to work with local HAM groups to try to get a decent net setup in Northern Louisiana.

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