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Ubiquiti IsoStation AC

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Ubiquiti IsoStation AC

Greetings all,

First, for full disclosure, I'm brand new to playing with AREDN and just set up my first node at home this past weekend. My home is in Corona, California and I'm linked to Pleasants Peak with a great signal so far on a Mikrotik 5 GHz LDF. What I'm wondering is if there is a version of the AREDN firmware for Ubiquiti devices that is cross-compatible with the Ubiquiti IsoStation AC devices? I know there is not officially per se. But, as I have a few of these laying around from an old project and knowing that Ubiquiti devices primarily run on the AirOS firmware, I was wondering if the firmware for one of the formally supported devices may also work. Or, if the hardware is just so different that it would not. 

Like I said, I'm a newbie to AREDN. I'm also more of a hardware than software person too. So if this is an absolutely stupid question then I apologize in advance. But, I figured it was worth asking as I do have a few of these around and it would save me a few dollars to recycle them.

Thanks in advance and 73s!

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There isn't.   Some -ac devices may gain support later this year.   But welcome!  There's a nice bunch of very helpful guys here.

Orv W6BI

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All,   I'm currently working
All,   I'm currently working to get AC devices working.  The good news is that this week I received from the open source community the wireless driver's undocumented information necessary to get these devices working with AREDN.  Right now, I have a Nanostation M5 AC and Nanobeam M5 AC that I am working with.   If anyone wants to send me another AC device, I'll include that in my testing.   Note, it needs to be supported by Openwrt releases to qualify in this first wave of support.

ae6xe at arrl dot net 
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