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Ubiquiti air-view question

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Ubiquiti air-view question
I suppose that this air view part of the airos is gone when you make the node into an Aredn node, yes?  Or could it be something that could be run on an aredn node (if it were a separate program)?  I would expect that it would take the node off the air when you do run it (assuming that this would be possible).  Of course you could have an extra Ubiquity device you could dedicate to spectrum analyzer work to run air view on...
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The Atheros chip is taken out
The Atheros chip is taken out of mesh mode to perform these functions.   Yes, It is technically possible to write a program and release in AREDN to do similar functionality,  but not a compelling reason to do so.  As you indicated, use an extra Ubiquity device (or swap firmware around).  Ubiquiti Licensing would not allow us to create a compatible version of AirView that can be installed on AREDN--assuming this is feasible and technically doable to begin with.

spectrum check for siting

Most often, any good spot to put an AREDN relay node, is already populated. Part of the site evaluation should include a spectrum check. Noting the solution to keep a device un-flashed, so that airOS spectrum could be used; has any further consideration of this AirView like feature been taken. The original post is old.

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