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Two WAN ports?

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Two WAN ports?

Perhaps this is a silly question, but my VLAN skills are still developing...So, here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a commercial video system (all 12V) that can stream multiple camera views, and allows multiple simultaneous connections (it uses their proprietary software unfortunately).  I'd like that stream to be available on both the internet (WAN) and AREDN LAN.  My GS105E has an open port, but my modem does not.

Can I configure the extra GS105E port to be on the WAN VLAN and still have it available to the AREDN network, or will having two WAN ports confuse the router?

Also, the device uses a non-standard port (5300 I think, though I'm not looking atm).  Is port-forwarding a better approach here?


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I'd say host the camera on
I'd say host the camera on the mesh and allow port forwarding to it from the WAN interface.
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Two WAN ports will work fine,

Two WAN ports will work fine, if what you need is simply another port for "home network" devices on your GS105E. But do not connect both ports to your internet router as this will create a ring which will have traffic flowing endlessly around. However the second WAN port on your GS105E will be no different to a port on your home internet router (modem). It will simply be a port on your home network (probably 192.x.x.x addresses). To access stuff here from the AREDN network or externally from the internet requires some thought. Port forwarding is one way.

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