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Tunnels on the nightly builds

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Tunnels on the nightly builds
I got this from Eric, KG6WXC.  It may be helpful to testers out there:

If you're running tunnels on your node, and you want to test the new AREDN firmware, here's what you need to do to re-establish your tunnels after upgrading:

You need to install (in this order):





and then finally vtund:

You have to have the packages from the same build as the one you have loaded, as they are signed and will fail to install across different builds. You might have to update to the latest nightly build (#165) to get those to install.

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If you download, say the
If you download, say the build from last night (#165), just click the "Install Tunnel" button (as normal). BUT.... you must do so BEFORE the next build is published. So, if you install 165 today, and also click the "install" button today, you are good to go.

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