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Tunnel stopped working - need troubleshooting assistance

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Tunnel stopped working - need troubleshooting assistance

I bought a GS105Ev2 switch and configured it per the documentation on this site.   I ran the tunnel client script on my Bullet, and had it working against a remote tunnel server.   All was good until one day it wasn't - the tunnel stopped working.

I found that the Netgear switch had lost its configuration.  I configured it again but am unable to get the tunnel working.  The symptoms appear to be that eth0.1 is unable to get a DHCP address from my LAN.  I've rechecked configurations repeatedly but am probably looking past something.

Any troubleshooting hints or tips would be appreciated.


Orv - W6BI

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netgear gs105e-v2 stopped working

Orv,  check all the physical cables and swap them around.   If the software configuration has not changed, I'd first suspect physical connections.   Double check the netgear config, if you post a pic, a 2nd set of eyes might spot something.   Note, there is a way in the netgear ProSafe Tool to backup/restore the netgear configuration to a file on your computer.  When the netgear "lost it's configuration", does this mean it was as if it had been factory reset?  

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