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Tunnel to start

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Tunnel to start

I'm just starting with AREDN, and according to the map am the only one in the valley (CA 49/20 corridor; halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe). With no other platforms within reach over the air, I thought a tunnel could provide a "seed" to get started here, and hopefully entice others to join.

What would be a recommended approach to tunnel "out of the valley"?
Come fire season and/or PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff) we never know what options for communication will remain.

Thank you,
Martin, AJ6OH


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Tunnel in or out of the valley

Hi, Martin:

 Your nearest neighbor, 10 miles, WH7DH, has a tunnel installed, but no email address at qrz. Updated 7 weeks ago.
Next nearest neighbor, 35 miles, KQ6EO, no tunnel, email available, updated 20 months ago.
Next nearest neighbor, 57 miles, AD6DM, has tunnel, email available, updated 6 weeks ago.
I suggest you write a note to WH7DM and email KQ6EO and AD6DM.
Is there a local ham radio club? With newsletter or email bulletin?
I hope this helps,

Thank you, Chuck.

Thank you, Chuck.
Yes, I am a member of the local (Nevada County) amateur radio club as well as ARES, but AREDN has only been mentioned in passing.
I will ask again on the net tonight if someone else has any nodes operational, and will reach out to the three operators you've listed.

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Martin, the SFWEM (San Francisco Wireless Emergency Mesh) group is very active in the Bay area and is gradually extending their network eastward.  It probably makes sense to coordinate a tunnel with them.

More info here:

Orv W6BI

Excellent information. Thank

Excellent information. Thank you, Orv. I will reach out to them. 

Martin, AJ6OH

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