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tunnel server / client software

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tunnel server / client software

I attempted to enable the tunnel server in AREDN and it declared that the software must be installed. Same thing for server and client. I tried searching for the tunnel software package, but no success. Where is the tunnel software to be found?

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just hit the button that says
  1. Provide internet access to your node
  2. Hit the button that says "Click to Install" on the page
Internet?? - why is the AREDN node firmware attempting to connect to this site?

Next: "just connect the node to the Internet"?? How? If one cables up the node to a router, there is no way to access the node's admin page to click on the install button. It does not appear to fetch an IP from the router for the WAN (as observed by the listing of the DHCP lease table within the router). Attempts to assign a static IP to the node WAN interface fails as well. So, just how does one connect the node to the Internet to fetch the tunnel software?

Given what I have observed so far, it looks like the AREDN software has gone off to never-never land as far as the tunnel software goes. Which brings to mind the question: "why the change from uploading a file from a connected laptop?" (like one does to load AREDN firmware into the node hardware) This whole event for me would have been better had there been a step by step document available in the Docs area. I'm just disappointed.

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BTW, leaflet is the map

BTW, leaflet is the map javascript library so that you can pin your node on the map (if you have internet access on the node).

Don't get too disappointed just yet!

Let us know what model Node you have as the cabling for the Internet can very between models. Also do you have a VLAN capable switch? Tell us a bit about your environment and we can point you in the right direction.

Fair enough

I am in the process to build a test Mesh setup. One of my requirements is to have the tunnel software loaded on several nodes.

Software is
Node is NSM9 with a single Ethernet port
No managed switch yet (though I waiting on one to arrive from Amazon)
Standard home router with Ethernet ports and wireless capability
Laptop with both Ethernet and wireless
Standard Cat 6 Ethernet jumpers

Can someone chime in on the

Can someone chime in on the NSM9's VLAN layout? That is one device I haven't used. (I assume it's like other XM?) (Edit: I see above that the NSM9 has a single ethernet port.)

In a nutshell you will need to have tagged VLAN 1 sent from the node to your router to the Internet. The WAN interface on the node (VLAN 1) can be setup as DHCP or a static IP on your home network, a DMZ, or directly on the Internet if u have enough IP address to do that. This will give that node internet access. To act as a tunnel server you would need to open port tcp 5525 inbound to the node. You'll only need one instance of the tunnel at any given site or cluster of directly connected nodes.

The other two VLAN's in play are VLAN2, called DtD, used to connect directly to other nodes at your site. Untagged traffic is for client access, PC's, phone, camera etc. Typically they will get an address via DHCP which is enabled by default.

Thank you Sir. I will have to

Thank you Sir. I will have to wait until the managed switches arrive to accomplish this.

Got it figured out.

Thank you to everyone for your comments.

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