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Tunnel request - west of Atlanta GA (EM73)

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Tunnel request - west of Atlanta GA (EM73)

Hello!  I'm looking for a tunnel to connect my home QTH to AREDN as I have no RF neighbors within range as of yet (the nearby ones seem to have been abandoned).  I'm located in Douglasville GA (west of Atlanta) in Gridsquare EM73ps.  

I have 2x Mikrotik LHG-XL-2 dishes on my roof - 1 pointed North and one pointed East (although they are needing some horizontal separation, which should happen over the next few weeks).  I also have a Mikrotik HAP-AC-LITE /in/ my shack providing a WAN gateway and (intended to be) a tunnel gateway.  And for debugging, I also gave a GL-INET GL-USB150. 

I hope to encourage some fellow club mates and previous users in the area to get back on, but I would definitely like to get "on-net" via tunnel in the short-term until we can get a stable link to the rest of the net up via RF. 

Thanks and 73, AF4H



Don, I'm in a similar situation in south florida. I connected via a tunnel with Chuck, NC8Q. I believe he is in the Dayton area. Tunnel has been working great, I even have an IP Phone to talk with the other members of that Mesh.
I use a MikroTik hAP lite.

Let me know if you would like to connect with me, I bet Chuck will offer as well, he would be a safer bet.


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Willing to display our existing AREDN network

Hi, Don:

I am willing to share a tunnel so that you can display to your local hams a sample existing AREDN network and its services.

Here are live maps of existing networks:

However those maps do not show the services offered to every user on those local networks.

If you could do a show-and-tell presentation to 1 or more local hams and with a tunnel, you could display these active services: Live cameras(3) Teamtalk: Multi-platform audio/video, chat, file sharing, desktop sharing IP Phones(12), 1 active PBX with 8 active extensions. Live (hourly) network map Packet radio BBSs(3), all with Winlink service Chat room service (MeshChat)

Others could very likely offer more services.

I hope this helps, Chuck

Tunnel established

Thanks all! NC8Q was generous enough to get me set up on net.
Thanks Chuck for the info! I am looking forward to doing some show-and-telling to local-area operators.

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