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Tunnel Request for Cedar Rapids, IA

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Tunnel Request for Cedar Rapids, IA

Looking for tunnel to connect to our local ARES group tunnel server.

Node name is KF0DYW-glinet-ar750

Currently we have 3-5 people with 1-3 nodes each and actively recruiting with recent Amateur Radio club and ARES presentations.


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re: Tunnel Request for Cedar Rapids, IA


I am close to Cedar Rapids, but not close enough for an RF link.
I currently do not have a tunnel server set up.

A more reliable and permanent tunnel connection to the worldwide AREDN network
will be a tunnel to the AC0EC ARES node in Muscatine IA.
This is where My AREDN node tunnels into.

Contact Patrick Dickey WA0PCD at 563-299-5663
and cc Scott Richardson N0MRZ at
to send an email request for tunnel client access to
the AC0EC-InternetHub http://ac0ec-internethub.local.mesh:8080/

Unless you’re going to host a server, you don’t have to do anything special to your network.
Scott or Patrick will send you the IP Address of their host server and password, and the network IP Address.
Put these into the fields under the AREDN Tunnel Client tab,
Click “Add” next to it. It should refresh and be listed.
Then click the Enable check box and Save Changes.
See instructions at

If you do not hear from Scott or Pat after several days, send me an email message.

Bob Klaus N0YWB

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