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Tunnel Request-Atlanta, GA

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Tunnel Request-Atlanta, GA

Hi There,

I am new to AREDN and have a Microtik hAP ac3 flashed with the AREDN firmware. There are no stations in range for me to connect via RF, so I would like to tunnel to learn more about AREDN and its services. Ideally, I would hope interest locally would grow as we have so many hams in the area. The terrain is tricky for line of sight connections, as we tend to be very wooded and hilly. 
Any help or advice much appreciated,


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I'm new to Atlanta myself and
I'm new to Atlanta myself and just setup a node here in Acworth. I have the same setup as you and unable to reach anyone by RF. Did you have any luck with a tunnel?
Hello gents - did either of
Hello gents - did either of you end up finding a tunnel? Same setup, same situation out in Gwinnett, want to do some testing and learning before spending bigger $ on hardware to try to get RF out here.
You may want to make contact
You may want to make contact with AB4NX and arrange for tunnels. He has brought up the supernode in Georgia.

Gerard, WT0F

Tunnel Request
Not sure my first attempt to contact you?

Could you provide an email address so I can coodinate your tunnel.


Thank you! I sent a direct
Thank you! I sent a direct email just now as I don't think my first reply made it through.
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Tunnel Request - West of Atlanta, GA
KK4ODA Facundo, K4JSY Jeremy, W4JJN Joshua, KC4JIR David.
Since Facundo KK4ODA advertised that he has a hAP-ac3,
he is a good candidate to be the tunnel server to Jeremy, Joshua, and David.
I have an overloaded hAP-ac-lite with a tunnel to Don AF4H, West of Atlanta.
Please consider tunneling among your selves and inviting Don to join you.
If any one of you would like to have a temporary Wireguard tunnel to our
ARDEN network in Southwest Ohio to see what we do, let me know.

73, Chuck


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