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Tunnel Request-Atlanta, GA

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Tunnel Request-Atlanta, GA

Hi There,

I am new to AREDN and have a Microtik hAP ac3 flashed with the AREDN firmware. There are no stations in range for me to connect via RF, so I would like to tunnel to learn more about AREDN and its services. Ideally, I would hope interest locally would grow as we have so many hams in the area. The terrain is tricky for line of sight connections, as we tend to be very wooded and hilly. 
Any help or advice much appreciated,


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Tunnel offered

I received Facundo's node name and sent him credentials.
Waiting for the 'blue cloud'. ;-)
73, Chuck


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1 (wan) is 1 too many.

"Allow other MESH nodes to use my WAN - not recommended and OFF by default"

KU4B-HAP-250-MQY   (tun*7,wan)  
K4PWO-HAP-150-MBT   (tun*5,wan)
AK4GO-RKM5-101-LIPSC-NE   (tun*6,wan)   
WW4RFN-HAP-200-JAX   (tun*5,wan)        
KM4EUG-HAP-150-MEDINA   (tun*1,wan)     
KL5T-HAP-300-HOME   (tun*4,wan)
WA4VGZ-HAP-500-BNA   (tun*1,wan)        
NQ4U-HAP-150-MKL   (tun*2,wan)  
NQ4U-HAP-200-TWEST   (tun*1,wan)        
W4CAT-HAP-400-CATHSE   (tun*7,wan)      
KL5T-ARAR-F294-P1   (tun*2,wan)
KA1TOM-HAP-250-KNOX   (tun*1,wan)       
K1KY-HAP-300-P1   (tun*1,wan)   
KG4IKT-HAP-351-BRADYVL   (tun*1,wan)    
N3VUH-HAP-150-MBT   (tun*3,wan)
N5EI-HAP-150-NOLE   (tun*5,wan)
KD4KCD-HAP-153-CKV   (tun*2,wan)        
KM4CTB-HAP-200-JAX   (tun*1,wan)        
WM4Q-HAP-150-BONAQ   (tun*4,wan)        
W4MF-HAP-300-CUMBFUR   (tun*1,wan)      
W8IFG-ARHP-150-BWOOD   (tun*1,wan)      
KM4GJR-hAP-302-Mobile   (tun*1,wan)     
K6QS-HAP-950-HVILLE   (tun*4,wan)       
N4BBB-ARHP-101-COLUMBIA   (tun*1,wan)   
W4BIR-HAP-250-SMYRNA   (tun*6,wan)      
KM4PVB-HAP3-250-FRA   (tun*1,wan)       
N4ULM-HAPACL-150-FVW   (tun*1,wan)      
W8NWA-HAP-150-BNA   (tun*2,wan)
KG4IKT-HAP-303-CC-EOC   (wan)   
K1KY-HAP-850-P3-TCOMU   (wan)   

Dear Facundo:

I do not care why and 1 enabled WAN is 1 too many.
This is an unsafe condition.I am disabling my end of the tunnel.

73, Chuck


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